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At Tonic Spa-tique

all of our skincare is made in small,fresh batches. Using only quality ingredients. We don’t believe in harmful fillers or chemicals because mother nature has both healing & beneficial properties for the skin. All facial needs are unique to the individual, and our line is targeted to aid with every skin type. All of which are suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.


Petal Soft Facial creates a soft dewy like complexion using the power of calendula, lavender & rose blossoms.

Qi (chee) Facial balances colour, soothes texture & nourishes deeply using the power of seaweeds, minerals & clay.

Replenish Facial supports structures, tones muscles & plumps cells using the power of rose hips, carrot seed & aloe.

Recover Facial chills skin texture, reduces redness & heals the surface using the power of green tea, zinc & ice.


All products are available for purchase at our shop. Retail includes cleanser, toner, eye gel & moisturizer. We also provide fresh masques & facial exfoliants which are exclusive in our custom facial treatments.

book online to reserve a slot for product pick up, or email us at to set up a time.